Monday, November 16, 2009

Is Your Life Based on Secular Thought?

Jesus told us that it was necessary to die to ourselves in order to follow Him. I would suggest that to be a good Christian it is necessary to jettison secular thought from your world view. For most Christians this is not an easy thing to do. Most people think in general terms that has a foundation and root in secular thought which has permeated so much of the American culture that it is almost inescapable. Here are the most significant side by side comparison on what believers should have as their basic philosophy in their journey of Faith.

Christianity-------------- Secular
Humility-------------------- Pride
Free Will-------------------- Determinism
Responsibility------------- Irresponsibility
Doctrine-------------------- Sentimentalism
Last Things---------------- Progress
Eternity-------------------- Temporary
Culture of life-------------- Culture of death

Lets look at each item. Being a Christian is first realizing that it is not about you. Jesus Christ was the perfect model of humility. Look to your heart and see if the way you view things is not guided by what it does for you and what gains will you make, or how you are stronger, smarter, prettier, more powerful, richer, what can the world do for me. That thinking is WRONG and not what Christ taught. God in his infinite wisdom gave man fee will. He so loved us that he gave us total freedom. The world on the other hand is a dreary, depressing place when you come to the conclusion that you are controlled by it. You feel powerless against the forces that govern your life. Submitting your free will to Christ is a paradox. It is the most liberating thing you can do! Without a set of moral principles guided by the Church and with the love of the Holy Trinity, you will make bad choices. The world even goes as far as suggesting that these choices are not your fault, its the fault of...fill in the blank. It is the duty and responsibility of each Christian to obey God's commandments and live a righteous life! Christ emphatically said to love Him is to obey His commandments.
Catholicism gives one the means to live fully Christian in every single aspect of life. It becomes central to your being as Christ is central to your being. It has order as all things are ordered. It has Christ present in the sacramental life, living and available to each one of us. It is not another secular lifestyle, which is narrow. Catholicism deals with first things and last things and never shys away from reason. Christianity answers the question "why do I exist and what is my life and death all about? The world is only concerned with pushing its agenda forward, a "better life through science and technology" well lest you forget science and technology takes us to places like widespread pornography (internet), abortion & birth control, death & destruction from military technology, an life that has been intruded. Christianity is about a much more important question than how can I live more comfortably today to how can I live eternally happy. We have the answer and it is a person, who lives and thinks and feels as we do - Jesus Christ! Christianity celebrates life. Its most imitates the Trinity in the structure of the family. God became man and lived in a family!
The world tells us that children are a burden, don't have them or you won't have as many toys. The world places the value of a person on one thing: can you produce? Once that question can't be answered you are subject to the the culture of death's main mantra: dispose what is not useful! Christianity celebrates life because man has inherent self worth not dependent on the world: He is the image of God! He possess an eternal life a soul that is everlasting! That is and will always be worth celebrating. Jesus said that there would be more celebration over a sinner that repents (how much love can that possibly be!) than all the righteous in heaven. Finally, I suggest that there is no greater joy than knowing God. Rid yourslef on that depressing, shallow, temporary, self indulgent, unsatisfying secular thought and get in touch with the Divine. Your eternal life depends on it.

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