Sunday, November 15, 2009

Heaven and Earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away.

Jesus, the Son of Father, true God expounds a very important philosophical truth about Himself. He is eternal. This is absolutely critical in understanding Christianity especially in a secularized society that is so concerned and focused on temporal things. Jesus is not a feel good guru espousing a life style or a philosophy about how human beings might better get along. That it would be a major mistake to extract the "DNA" of Christ and place it wherever it makes sense for you. With respect to Jesus, true God, it is imperative that you take all of Him. That is the first commandment, and you can't get to "love thy neighbor as thyself" outside of that. In the contemporary society that we live in there is an abundance of excuses why we don't love our neighbors. Jesus is eternal, and he is not going away. This is an important message for a world that is aching inside, that see that temporal truths can and have changed, (just ask the millions of unemployed or those who have had their life savings evaporated by scandals), that cannot make sense of the world and see opting out as a genuine choice (so tragic). Jesus is eternal and that is good. These truths are real, they can and should be anchored to. He is eternal, not a passing fad or something that you place your bets on, only to find out that you were wrong. Jesus is eternal, He never says no to a contrite heart and in fact He is overjoyed with it, as are all the angels in heaven. He will give you a chance when nobody else will. With Him and through Him you can attain eternal life, a share in the life of the Divine. Jesus is eternal.

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