Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mother of God (Wa in kana jismouki)

Mother of God, O Gentle One,
treasure of mercy and our hope.

You are our refuge and in you we place our trust.
Intercede for us, O Virgin Mary
and have compassion on our dead.

Though your body may be far from us,
Virgin Mother when you pray.
But your prayers are always with us
giving us protection and shelter.

We implore you to ask him who honored you
when he became incarnate from you.
Ask him for us sinners, forgiveness
and his mercy forever and ever.

You are our Mother, you are our hope
you are our glory and you are our refuge.
Be our advocate before your Son
that in his mercy, he may forgive our sins.

Do not abandon us, O Gentle Mother.
You are full of all the graces.
Pray for your children, all your children,
who give you thanks forever and ever.


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