Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Father Longnecker on Modernist Christianity

Father Dwight Longnecker is so right on, like Chesterton he sees it for what it is. From Standing on my Head blog: 10 Reasons Why Modernist Christianity Will Die.

item 6. Modernism makes no great demands for its devotees to be religious. Ask any modernist, "Why should I come to Church?" What would he answer? "You don't have to come to church. It's there if you want it. If it does you good, and makes you feel better, we're here to serve you." Modernist Catholic priests wring their hands and wonder why no one comes to Mass anymore. It's because for forty years they've been saying, "It's not really a mortal sin to miss Mass. You should come because you love God, not because you fear him." While this sentiment may be laudable, they shouldn't therefore be surprised if no one comes to Mass.

I have been railing against this "noodle spined" approach to Catholicism. It is hard to find any one (priest, religious, etc) who will point out the "Sunday obligation" to young people. When the Bishop is confirming young adults who do not regularly attend Mass, there is something not right with the picture.

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