Thursday, November 12, 2009

Stake Your Hope in the Eternal

I was doing some theological research when I accidentally came across a website that denounced Jesus and Christianity. I would not reference it because it is not a place where a thinking human being goes. It made me think about this: how do we as a society produce human beings who make no effort or attempt to seek what is true. I am not speaking arrogantly here, as though I am in possession of something that others don't have. I mean the ability to look at something objectively to discover what exists there. There has to be a certain degree of discipline in order to think that way. I find it striking that in the field of science it is necessary to have order and if it is good science, an unbiased objectivity. That prerogative is however not extended to the theological realm. The first priori is always a negative. Jesus didn't exist, miracles don't happen, God doesn't exist and he certainly doesn't care about the world. My personal belief is that the problem lies in our education system which does not truly promote free thinking. What it does promote is the accepted secular thought that the truth lies only in science and that reason does not exist where faith and religion matters are concerned. What is humorous is that they can ascribe all kinds of blame for human failings to a God they don't really believe exists. This leads me to this point and it is poignant. I personally know four human beings who were intelligent, talented, doing different jobs and at different points in their lives they decided that life was not worth living and ended it. Of course I asked myself the same questions that anyone who encounters this tragedy, what could I have done, what went wrong. I feel strongly about this: we human beings have to have hope. It is evident by these deaths and many others like it that the world falls short with that regard. Perhaps if we can get more people to open up to the possibility that there is more than the misery they see in their lives and around them they might begin to traverse to a place where on can take small steps on the journey to hope. To take's ones life over a lost relationship, job or foreclosed home, all temporal things, all repairable is to stake your hope in future on something very narrow, temporal and limited, all things that are bound to fail at some point. If the door is always closed to possibilities, because one will not enter and with reason, then we will perpetuate an even darker and dreary tomorrow. Hope is as close to you as you are willing to reach out to it.

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