Thursday, September 24, 2009

475 Blog Entries - An Overview

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam
This is my 476th entry in this blog which I began on December 9th, 2008 - the day when the Church recognizes St. Juan Diego of whom the Lady of Guadalupe appeared to.

Juan Diego deeply loved the Holy Eucharist, and by special permission of the Bishop he received Holy Communion three times a week, a highly unusual occurrence in those times.

Pope John Paul II praised Juan Diego for his simple faith nourished by cathechisis and pictured him (who said to the Blessed Virgin Mary: “I am a nobody, I am a small rope, a tiny ladder, the tail end, a leaf”) as a model of humility for all of us.

It is, and has always been my prayer that through the gifts of the Holy Spirit, that I too, a tiny ladder, would be able to bring to someone out there something that might serve to propel their faith so as to walk closer to God. He sought us first and we are seeking Him. In continuing that with God's grace, I have made a vow to myself to bring out what inspires me at a given moment. My spiritual director has time and time again reminded me that my spirituality is personal and comes from within my heart. I so love Jesus Christ and His Church that I cannot contain this joy within me. It has to spill out into the streets and to those who I have been graced with the opportunity to interact with, some very close, some near and dear, others new acquaintances, some here locally, others on the other side of cyberspace. I am humbled by anybody who chooses to read my thoughts and the thoughts of others whom I have presented here. Even though you may or may know me personally, I hope to connect to you through Christ Jesus, who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

Though every entry is a random event, I do look to the feast days and memorials in the Church calendar year. The Blessed Saints who for centuries have fought the good fight and preached the Gospel will always hold a high honor on this blog, as well as those contemporary holy warriors.
There are some reoccurring themes that I try not to stray away from: Spirituality, Cathechisis, Orthodoxy, Theology, Apologetics, and Catholic Art/Music. I have avoided political stuff for the most part ( unless it strikes a nerve) and have no desire to emulate the many Catholic political blogs that are out there. If you have come to this blog and have found something that makes your Faith grow, then I give all Glory and Honor to Jesus Christ, whose name is above every name, and who we should confess is Lord, to the Glory of God the Father.

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Joseph Fromm said...

Congrats on your 475 post, it is not easy. I love your site! Your inner soul radiates out of your site. It is wonderful.