Friday, September 25, 2009

False Theology

Father Richard O'Brien, professor of Theology, Notre Dame University has put forth a preposterous notion that Eucharistic Adoration is not necessary. Have you ever heard a story told by someone and the first reaction is there is something that doesn't jell, something amiss, strange, weird, wrong etc.? I could tell you how bad this theology is, how it does not hold to the Magisterium's teaching authority, how arrogant it is and how it makes the mistake of thinking that it owns the mystery of God. But I don't need to. Why? Here is my Theology - God the Omnipotent, All Knowing, All Powerful, Love Itself, The Alpha and The Omega, Creator of myself and Father O'Brien could never, never, I mean never! receive enough praise and adoration. Never! and it doesn't take a professor from Notre Dame University to figure that out.

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