Friday, September 25, 2009

Meditations Based on The Introduction to the Devout Life

From the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales The Second Meditation
Union with God

1. Remind yourself of God’s presence.
2. Open your mind and heart to God.


Why has God placed you in this world? Simply, yet profoundly, to exercise
Divine goodness in you, to give you God’s grace and glory. You have the gift of understanding through which you can know God. You have the gift of memory through which you can be mindful of God’s presence. You have the gift of will though which to love God. You have the gift of imagination through which to recall God’s blessings and benefits. You have the gift of eyesight through which you behold God’s wonderful work, the beauty of creation. You have the gift of speech with which to speak God’s praise. You have these and many other gifts besides, all through God’s generosity. In light of the excellence of God’s abundant generosity toward you, all feelings, thoughts attitudes and actions contrary to your God-given destiny should be avoided whenever possible. Consider the temptation to focus more on the gifts that you enjoy while losing sight of the purpose of those gifts, namely, the glory of God and the love of neighbor. As important as
this material world is, and as worthy of respect is all creation, it is shortsighted to forget the ultimate destiny to which you are called: union with God forever.
Affections and Resolutions
Consider how frequently you forget the Divine source and giver of your gifts. Consider how easily you forget to use your gifts in the service
of God. Consider how easily you forget to use your talents in the service of
your brothers and sisters. Examine your past life. Consider the times you have wasted your gifts, your talents, your energies—your very life—in pursuing temporary joys, quick fixes, self-centered pursuits, self-serving designs.
Examine your present life. How are you using your abilities? To what
purpose and designs do you commit your efforts each day? Consider your future life. Where do you need conversion? Where do you need courage and insight? What must you do to remain faithful to God’s ultimate destiny for you: union with God? What pursuits, obsessions, anxieties or sins must you forgo in order order to become more of who God calls you to be? Turn to God. Make God the center of your life. Turn you mind away from all that displeases God. Fill your memory with the recollection of God’s forgiveness and compassion.
Let God be the focus of your heart and of your affections. Name those
things that heretofore have caused you to lose sight of the things that really

Give thanks to God who has created you for such an excellent purpose:
growing in love for God on earth and living in the love of God forever in heaven. Offer to God the power of your thoughts, feelings, attitudes, imaginings and senses. Ask God to purify these of anything that might cause you to lose sight of the One who is the source and ultimate purpose of your life. Pray to God. Ask God to accept these desires and resolutions. Ask for the grace to accomplish all that gives honor and glory to God. After completing your prayer, create a “bumper sticker” - a word or a
simple phrase - that will remind you of how, with God’s help, you plan to
live this day

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