Saturday, September 19, 2009

Protecting the Seed

"Now the parable is this: the seed is the Word."

Without light you cannot walk along the spotless slain Lamb. This why my soul longs to see you and the others honest and courageous, not whipped about by any wind that might come along. See that you don't turn back , but always go forward, keeping in mind the teaching you have been given. Return every day to the garden of your soul to root any brambles that might choke the seed, the teaching you were given, and to till the soil. I mean, every day strip your heart clean. You really have to do it continually. I've seen many people who seemed to have been stripped clean, but I've found- more by their actions than their words- that they are not. It is in their actions that show where their heart is, though their words might show the opposite. So I want you to truly strip your heart clean by following Christ crucified...The pain of being deprived of all creaturely consolation has called me [to look at] my lack of virtue, to recognize how imperfect I am and how utterly perfect is the light of gentle Truth, provider and acceptor of holy desires, who plays no favorites. He has not witheld kindness from me because of my ingratitude or because of my dearh of light and knowledge. No, he has regarded only his supreme goodness.

--Saint Catherine of Siena

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