Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Meditations Based on Introduction to the Devout Life

From the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales, we have a meditation called "Your Destiny" based on "The Introduction to the Devout Life" by Francis de Sales

In this first Meditation called "Our Creation" the focus is on God's great gift to us all: our existence.


1. Remind yourself of God’s presence.
2. Open your mind and heart to God.


Consider that there was a time that you did not exist. The world had been around for a very long time before you ever appeared. The Divine has drawn you out of nothing and made you something:a son or daughter of the living God.
Consider the nature God has given you.Your nature is the greatest in this
visible world, capable of eternal life and of being perfectly united to God who is the source of all life.

Affections and Resolutions

Consider that God has brought you
out of nothingness. God has gifted you
with the possibilities of life in this
world and the promise of eternal life in
the world to come.
Give praise and thanks to God for the gift of your life. Ask yourself:
“How can I express thanks to God for
such generosity? How can I demonstrate my gratitude for the gift of life that God has given me?”

Consider how well you have used the gift of your life. Do you take it for
granted? Do you use it in the ways that God intends? In what ways have
you strayed from the path of life that God calls you to walk each day? How
have you misused the gift of your life? What sins or weaknesses prevent you
from being more of who God calls you to be? Remind yourself of your Godgiven nature. God has made you to grow in love on this earth. God has
made you to live in love forever in heaven. Remember: you are God’s
work of art. Be mindful of your fundamental goodness. Be honest about your sinfulness.Resolve to change your life. Recommit yourself to doing what is
right, just and virtuous in the eyes of God. Resolve to do good readily, frequently and cheerfully. Resolve to know and follow God’s will for you. Be faithful to the responsibilities of the state or stage of life in which you presently find yourself.

Finally, as God has been so generous and gracious to you, ask for the
strength, the grace and the courage to be as generous and gracious to others.


Give thanks to God. Bless God.
Let all that is within you bless and honor God’s holy name. Let all that is
within you bless and honor God’s creative, redeeming and sustaining
love for you. God has brought you out of nothingness and given you the promise of God’s fullness. Recognize that God has created out of nothingness all those whom you encounter each day. Resolve to treat others with profound care and respect. Dedicate and consecrate to God all of who you are and all that you have. Ask for the grace to use your time, talent and treasure in ways that give glory to God and that serve the needs of others. Pray to God. Ask for the strength to put your affections and resolutions into practice. Ask for the grace to put your change of mind and heart into action. Pray that others with whom you live, love, work, play and pray may likewise claim and honor the gift of life. Ask God to likewise help them to be fully who God calls them to be. Pray that they may place their lives at the service of others. Pray the Lord’s Prayer (and/or other prayers) to which you may feel drawn. After completing your prayer, create a “bumper sticker” - a word ora simple phrase - that will remind you of how, with God’s help, you plan to live this day.

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