Monday, February 16, 2009

The 25 Things I Like About Lousiana

I am not a Facebook type of guy. I'm too old and too unattractive to let anyone look at me more than 30 seconds but my daughters have told me that there is this thing called 25 things about you. I read the Great Deception Blog about such a thing. Anyway instead of 25 things about me. I decided on 25 things about where I live. The list probably left out some stuff but here it is......

photo courtesy of Louisiana Office of Tourism

25 Things I Like About Louisiana
1. The people – without a doubt the kindest, lovingest, most hospitable, most warm, down home, and funniest people on the planet
2. Jambalaya
3. New Orleans – no city in America like it
4. The weather – it is beautiful from about late October to late May and it’s beautiful and hot the rest of the year
5. LSU – home of The Purple & Gold - The Fighting Tigers – football’s finest team and fans
6. Catholics – devout and fun loving
7. Zydeco music
8. Crawfish Boils
9. The Mississippi River
10. Festivals- where else on this planet is there a Shrimp & Petroleum Festival
11. Ponchatoula Strawberries
12. Abita Beer
13. The Brown Pelican – symbol of Christ and marvelous creature
14. High school sports – some of the finest athletes in the country
15. Seafood – crawfish etouffee, shrimp Creole, fried catfish, gumbo (Lenten Penance)
16. Levees
17. Lake Pontchartrain (the Causeway too)
18. Lafayette (just about everything)
19. The many outstanding priests here
20. Mardi Gras (King Cakes, parades, balls)
21. Lake Charles (if only because my sister-in-law Lynne lives there)
22. Baton Rouge – the Capitol, the Politics, the Tigers (see#5), the traffic (I don’t think so)
23. Saturday night at Tiger Stadium (see#5)
24. Grand Coteau - Jesuit Retreat Center
25. My wife Kathy who embodies all the joy of these things and who brought me here to paradise from the frozen Nawth

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