Friday, February 13, 2009

The Author of Beauty

"But all men are vain, in whom there is not the knowledge of God: and who by these good things that are seen, could not understand him that is, neither by attending to the works have acknowledged who was the workman: But have imagined either the fire, or the wind, or the swift air, or the circle of the stars, or the great water, or the sun and moon, to be the gods that rule the world. With whose beauty, if they, being delighted, took them to be gods: let them know how much the Lord of them is more beautiful than they: for the first author of beauty made all those things. Or if they admired their power and their effects, let them understand by them, that he that made them, is mightier than they For by the greatness of the beauty, and of the creature, the creator of them may be seen, so as to be known thereby." The Book of Wisdom, Chapter 13: 1-5 Have you ever watched the acclaimed program Planet Earth on the television. To look at the beauty and wonder of all things in nature and somewhow miss God is a mystery to me. We have incredible videos of this rich and diverse planet to watch and wonder. The ancient peoples who lived at the time the Book of Wisdom was written, lived among those splendors of nature and concluded who the first author was. How do we miss that? Are we just that much smarter?

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