Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Making Space for God

Beginning the Lenten Journey Anew
Create in me a clean heart, O God, And renew a steadfast spirit within me. Psalm 51:10
Each year, we are invited to engage in a spiritual journey during Lent: reflection on our lives, on our place in God's world, and on God's awesome gift of love and life to us, as believers. We are called to a time of deeper reflection on Christ's presence in our lives and in our world today, even as we recall Christ's journey to the cross so many years ago. During Lent, we re-focus our minds, hearts, and spirits more intentionally to return to the Lord. With a new and right spirit, we are also called and sent forth, empowered and equipped through God's grace, to participate with joy and hope in the renewal of God's world. Indeed, it is about God's Work, Our Hands. There has never been a more important time than now for this renewal. We are facing a time which may alter the course of our country and the world. There are going to be many individuals facing challenges that they thought would never happen to them. Now more than ever we must journey to the Cross through daily reflection, prayer, scripture, self denial, and the sacraments. The darkness always precedes the dawn.

Litany of Desire
R. Lord, Hear our Prayer
That we desire to be steadfast in our Lenten Journey walking with you daily.R.
That we desire to remove the obstacles that prevent us from getting closer to the Cross.R.
That we desire to deny ourselves so as to be in union with You, Our Redeemer.R.
That we desire to see You in every life, in every face, in every heart of those we meet.R.
That we desire to examine our lives and repent for our sinfulness.R.
That we desire to grow in our faith through the mystery of Christ's suffering.R.
That we desire to carry our crosses daily.R.
That we desire to be generous to others.R.
That we desire to be servants to others without expecting any reward.R.
That we desire to share our gifts with others.R.
That we desire to be poor and detached from material things.R.
That we desire to be in the Presence of the Holy Eucharist.R.
That we desire to make time to be with You.R.
That we desire to make space in our hearts for You.R.
That we desire to love You by being obedient to Your will.R.
That we desire to pray for others and the world.R.
That we desire to Trust in Your Mercy.R.
That we desire to be at Calvary clinging to Your Cross.R.

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