Thursday, February 19, 2009

God's Garden

What spiritual gift do you want God to give you? What does your soul cry out for? In my most recent post I posed the question "Who do you think I am?" The same question Jesus asked his disciples. If we can answer that question honestly, after contemplating Him and meditating on Scripture and we are moving towards a life in the spiritual realm, then what's next? Perhaps it is that God is lovingly awaiting to hear from you. He wants you to ask him in prayer for the gift that he has for you. This an important stage in your spiritual growth. As in any relationship, there are turning points, places where you and your loved one draw closer. God knows you and in his desire to move closer seeks your request. He wants you to recognize where you are in your journey and how he can move you towards the path of his true love for you. Prayer now takes on a new role. You are like the new green growth that has just sprouted up in the warm fresh soil of Spring. You are in God's garden. St. Augustine teaches, that God gives without prayer the first graces, such as vocation to the faith and to repentance; but all other graces, and particularly the gift of perseverance, he gives only to those who ask for them. Prayer has many faces. We can contemplate how to pose the question so. Our desire should be that we are doing God's will. In this desire we need to discover what it is that God wants us to do. It may be time to ask "What spiritual gift would you like to give me Dearest Lord?"

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