Sunday, February 8, 2009

God is the Source of All Good

Jesus Christ the Word Incarnate came into this world in a family. The design and means of salvation could have been accomplished in any other scenario. Jesus Christ became man and lived in a family. Yet in our world today the family and the very concept of family is being attacked and redefined. During the campaign for president, several Hollywood celebrities put out a video in which they all proclaimed "I promise....blah, blah, blah... to feed the world, work for peace, help my neighbor etc.etc. There are two observations that I have regarding that stupid video. First off, I don't believe them. There is no indication that any of these celebrities actually carry out these promises. My second point is there are millions of Christians doing these things on a daily basis, who do not need some secular leader to follow to understand that you feed the hungry, give shelter to the homeless, visit the sick, and help those incapable of doing so. That is what our faith in Jesus Christ is. He lived it and he taught us to do so. There is an element of arrogance in their message, as though they are the only people doing good and that they define what good is. This brings me to a place where I see as a dividing line between both secular thinking, those who "work for social justice" and people like myself, who live their lives not as activists but as Christians, who try to follow Christ in everything, whether it is raising a family, in the workplace, at their Church, or in the their communities. The secular world wants good to be defined on their terms. The values they place are not based on the dignity of a human being as we see it. That is why they can "promise" to do good works and kill babies at the same time. They can "promise" to be a good neighbor and produce movies like Revolutionary Road, which leads one to the conclusion that children are troublesome and not worth it. See this excellent piece by Jennifer Roback Morse "Are Children Worth It" They can"promise" to bring justice to all but deny it to Terry Schiavo. (have you noticed how they are obsessed with animal rights but can't see a person with a brain injury as anything less than an animal) They can "promise" to be open to all peoples and beliefs, but deny Christianity any voice in the public square. They can "promise" to be a good mother or father but try to redefine family as something it is not. There are Catholics who are so enamored with the one element of Catholicism "social justice" that they will accept anything including a president who for some reason doesn't know when life begins, and if that is true wouldn't want to err on the side of the unborn. All this points to one thing. Unless you are guided by the truths of the Church, and the one Truth, which is Jesus Christ you may feel good about what your doing but compromising God's commandments. Jesus Christ came into the world in a family, thus elevating family and mankind with dignity and respect, not defined by the secular world or any secular leader.

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